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This page started on 7/5/12. I intend to be posting links to articles I find of interest, and that if you’ve gotten this far, perhaps you will too.


This guy has pretty much single handedly been doing what the world needs to be doing, instead of what it is doing. Is it really possible? I’d say the proof is in the pudding… be sure to view the article and at least watch the video:


What’s wrong with banking in America and the world in general? Please listen for six minutes to Victoria Grant, a twelve year-old girl from Canada:


One of my favorite authors, Paul Hawken, gave this commencement speech in 2009. Many of these things seem designed to take the place of Ambien, but herein I submit is an exception:


Having trouble with modern technology? Need your kids to help? Some things never seem to change:


Indian kids have serious lessons for bankers:


How politicians treat their voters (recommended: skip the commercial):  Note: I SWEAR to do better!



7/13/12 Friday.  Philosophical question for the day: If you were in fact composed of Higgs bosons, which many physicists now believe is a virtual certainty, do you believe you are in the right place and time? And if so, are you behaving properly?


P.S. If you didn’t get the question, I encourage you to argue for better science education for your kids. The Higgs boson has been described in popular literature as “the God particle,” as it is believed to hold the universe together with its mass. On the religious side, God has been called “the glue of the universe.” From a science point of view, it may be stretching it here, but this reminds me of the parallel between the Big Bang and the Prime Mover. On the other hand, one of my favorite bumper stickers reads: Militant Agnostic: I don’t know and you don’t either!


More science to ponder (this is merely from one site, usually my first (internet) stop of the day:


Why we need to be more careful with bioengineering and vaccines, for anyone who gives it two seconds thought: “Research from the University of Melbourne has shown that two different vaccine viruses- used simultaneously to control the same condition in chickens- have combined to produce new infectious viruses, prompting early response from Australia’s veterinary medicines regulator.”


Where did water on Earth come from? We are also talking about the 65% or so of your body that is water. “Our results provide important new constraints for the origin of volatiles in the inner Solar System, including the Earth,” Alexander said. “And they have important implications for the current models of the formation and orbital evolution of the planets and smaller objects in our Solar System.” Put differently, where did the water on Earth come from?


“The continent of Antarctica is at risk from human activities and other forces, and environmental management is needed to protect the planet’s last great wilderness area, says an international team of researchers.” I suggest  we do similarly with other continents.


“Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have isolated a new type of energy-burning fat cell in adult humans which they say may have therapeutic potential for treating obesity.”  We hardly need to dwell on the potential uses of this one.  On the other hand, global warming may help take care of this too, with corn not doing well in the midwest; the price of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is doing fine job of literally pumping us up, might just go through the roof.


Closer to home still, and one of several thousand jobs we should be training students for: “University of Utah physicists invented a new “spintronic” organic light-emitting diode or OLED that promises to be brighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the kinds of LEDs now used in television and computer displays, lighting, traffic lights and numerous electronic devices.”  Note: I continue to marvel at how much research is coming out of the University of Utah across the board in sciences. Truly a major source of jobs that Utah could provide leadership for. And another argument for free education through college.


Also close to home, especially for Utah farmers: “UC Santa Barbara scientists trying to control the invasive tamarisk plant have been getting a boost from evolution, in the form of a rapidly evolving beetle that has been changing its life cycle to more efficiently consume the noxious weed.”


And yet I hear various politicians are now arguing against the teaching of “critical thinking.” As Mark Twain might have noted, “It would help if they took out their brains and danced on them, to help loosen them up a little.” So too for anyone arguing against more and better science education.


From one of my favorite actors/ narrators, David Attenborough; if you click no other link, I suggest this one:


July 15, 2012.  One site for today, an older one that I think of often, regarding Israel and Palestine. Highest honors to the author!



October 7, 2012. Time flies and my slender excuse for not continuing to post here is simply lack of time. However, to interested readers who’ve gotten this far, I recommend, where I regularly post comments, links, and articles. Very similar to things on this site, but of a somewhat broader nature. At the top of that site you’ll see a search bar, where you can plug in any topic, such as my my name, and find a trove of further ramblings and articles that have found of interest and relevance.